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Explainer Video Solutions

cropped-sei_for_wordpress_1170_by_250.pngWe solve video problems challenging your business or organization. Explainer videos inform, instruct and promote.

We can help with all these challenges.

  • You might have an idea for video, but just not sure how to proceed.
  • You’ve developed a draft script for video and don’t have the resources to produce your videos.
  • It could be that you are familiar with TechSmith’s Camtasia for Windows and/or for the Macintosh, and need help screen capturing your app or software. You need help producing your marketing and customer support tutorials.
  • You know you’ve got great copy on your site. And, you know you need video! You can sense it. Your customers are asking, “Where’s the video?” Your search engine optimization (SEO) team is demanding video.
  • See more ideas on our page, Solutions to Video Problems.

We solve your explanation problems. We help you explain what makes you so special!